Update XAML UI on emulator without recompilation! Works on all Xamarin Forms target platforms!

Download Visual Studio extension

See UI updates on all platforms simultaniously!

No need to learn anything new

Just install and use!

Familiar workflow

Normal application debugging with the benefit of Live UI Update

Easy to use

No configuration needed

Simple installation

Just install VS extension and NuGet package

Time saver

Saves tons of time and money on UI development

Don't waste development time



  1. Install Visual Studio extension
  2. Install XamarinFormsLive NuGet package
    • (PCL) Open Package Manager Console
    • (PCL) Choose your common PCL project as a Default Project
    • (PCL) Run: install-package XamarinFormsLive
    Installation instructions
    • (Shared) Open Package Manager Console
    • (Shared) Choose a project you want to enable Live Update for, i.e. MyApp.Android
    • (Shared) Run: install-package XamarinFormsLive
    • (Shared) You can install XamarinFormsLive into all projects if you want all of them to support Live Update
  3. Start debugging session
  4. XamarinFormsLive server will start automatically and will ask for elevated rights to listen for TCP connections
  5. You can modify any XAML file in your common project and upon saving you will see changes immediately.
  6. Xamarin Forms Live settings are located under Tools menu

Xamarin Forms Live has a trial period of 14 days since the activation. After initial trial is expired you will need to purchase a license to continue using Xamarin Forms Live.

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1-4 licenses: 99$
5 and more licenses: 84$

* Licenses are permanent and bound to your PC
* Contact us if you want to tranfser license to another computer