Develop Xamarin Forms UI while debugging in the emulator!

LiveXAML is a runtime UI development tool. It runs while you are debugging your application inside an emulator. Whenever you save any XAML file, it automatically updates a running application.

LiveXAML has no restrictions on libraries or code usage. You can interact with the interface as you normally do. No additional configuration needed besides initial installation.

Don't forget to install LiveXAML NuGet packages. Visual Studio 2017 plugin can do it automatically. Mac version doesn't have this functionality yet, so you will have to install them manually. NuGet package installation instructions are here

Why LiveXAML?

Familiar workflow

Regular application debugging with the benefit of runtime UI update

Simple installation

Just install VS extension and NuGet package

Easy to use

Start debugging session and you're set!

Time saver

Saves tons of time and money on UI development

LiveXAML installation and demo

How does it work?

LiveXAML injects some code into your Xamarin Forms app that makes it listen for XAML updates.

Visual Studio extension handles document saves and sends updated UI to your application.

LiveXAML will only inject its' code in Debug configuration.

Supported emulators

  • Visual Studio Android emulator
  • Google Android emulator
  • Genymotion Android emulator
  • MacOS iPhone emulator
  • Remote VS iPhone emulator
  • Regular UWP debug mode

Purchase full version

After the initial period is expired, LiveXAML will be limited to projects with no more than 3 XAML files

You can purchase a license to lift that limitation

Permanent license $120

Monthly subscription $12 / month

Your email

This email will be used to activate the license in Visual Studio extension

Your email

This email will be used to activate the license in Visual Studio extension

* Licenses are permanent and bound to your PC
* Contact us if you want to tranfser license to another computer

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